Seven great reasons for using wooden wall panelling in your home

Seven great reasons for using wooden wall panelling in your home

Have you been considering decorating a room in your home recently? Perhaps you’ve recently moved into a new home and you want to add your own stamp to your new pad?

Often choosing the finish for your walls is the tricky part. Wallpaper can add a decorative dimension to a room, and as long as you’ve got a steady hand for edging, a painted wall is a quick solution.

In reality, both of these options require some upkeep. A damaged wallpaper is virtually impossible to invisibly repair, and even a painted wall doesn’t stay looking pristine for ever. Depending on the effects of sunlight, even touching up a painted surface can create distinct patches!

Frequently overlooked, wooden wall panelling can be an ideal solution for a number of reasons, listed below:

Choice of finishes

With four distinct and very different ranges, offering a choice of 24 finishes, it’s fair to say that there is something to suit everyone!

Our Reclaimed range features seven options, all of which have a distressed surface, and include the recently launched Golzentipp Grey.

Our Design series offers a modern twist to a perceptively rustic product and is offered in five finishes including Oak and almost Wenge.

The 3D range is very different and sure to turn heads with its unique structure and appearance.

Made up of a number of wooden pieces, each section is juxtaposed next to each other to create an individual surface indeed!

Our fourth range is aptly called Colour and features six different shades including red, orange and purple.

Low maintenance

Once installed, apart from wiping the surface of the wood panels with a soft damp cloth, there is no further upkeep required. In fact, where there is a heavily flow of traffic, our Reclaimed range is ideal for disguising the odd knock or bump to its surface.


With its insulating properties, wooden wall panelling will contain both heat and sound within a room, perfect for music lovers everywhere!

Ease of installation

Not only are wooden wall panels suitable for a competent DIYer to install, but once fitted there are no visible glue marks or patchy painted areas.

Variety of applications

Whether you’re looking to update your living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway or even stairs, you can decorate almost every room in your home with wooden wall panelling if you so choose!

And, as well as being suitable for all walls, PLAANK wall panelling can be installed on the ceiling too!

Relatively inexpensive

Whilst it obviously depends on the size of the room that you’re considering the panelling for, a single wall or even feature panel on a wall can totally transform a room’s appearance, in a cost effective way.

Disguises imperfect walls

Unlike the preparatory work required when painting or wallpapering, as long as the walls are relatively sound, then the wooden panels can be fixed directly onto the surface, ultimately saving time and money. 

With so many benefits to wall panelling, look no further than PLAANK and start making plans to change the interior of your room now.


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