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Skandi style with wooden wall panelling

Skandi style with wooden wall panelling

Skandi style has long been a firm favourite with interior designers, both here in the UK and further afield.

Scandinavian design first emerged in the early 20th century, and whilst Scandinavia primarily refers to the northern European countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, the popularity of Skandi style soared in the 50’s into Finland and Iceland too!

Its original design movement was characterized by functionality, simplicity and minimalism and these tell tale influences remain to this day.

Here in the UK, the high street knew little about Skandi style until the mid 80’s, when the likes of IKEA appeared.

In recent years, Hygge has become the ‘buzz’ word. Literally meaning contentment and cosiness, this Danish word encompasses warmth and wellness, whilst remaining true to its Skandi roots!

Fundamentally, there are four key influences to achieving Skandi style – colour, natural elements, simplicity and texture.


Predominantly, a Skandi colour palette is generally white, as the light levels are so low in northern Europe during the winter months. However, an all white colour scheme tends to feel cold, so it is made to feel warmer by the introduction of neutral shades and soft greys.

Easy to apply, ‘Dove Grey’ is a fabulous neutral wallcovering. Its wood tones include silvery greys and muted taupe to create a perfect Skandi inspired feature wall.


Skandi style frequently combines textures, playing particular attention to the juxtaposition of them.

Plush soft furnishing fabrics such as velvet, faux fur and Mongolian pile are often used in conjunction with structured fabrics like linen and hessian, with more tactile elements introduced on the walls or ceiling.

Rocky Mountain Grey’, from our ‘Reclaimed’ range is a perfect finish to use for a Skandi inspired interior, as its softly distressed surface ensures each individual plank is both visually interesting and tactile too!


The old adage ‘less is more’ is certainly true when it comes to Skandi style. Keeping an interior space minimal can be harder than it looks, especially when the room becomes lived in!

A statement piece of furniture, such as a contemporary sideboard is a great way to introduce a Skandi influence into a room, especially when teamed with an equally stunning wallcovering.

The clean and linear details of ‘Natural Walnut’, one of our latest products from the Acupanel range not only oozes with style, but has the added benefit of acoustic properties, acting as both a thermal and sound barrier.

Natural elements

A true Skandi room tends to focus only on materials found in nature including cotton, linen, wool and wood.

Wall panelling from the likes of PLAANK is only made from real wood, responsibly sourced from around the globe, making it an ideal choice for any Skandi interior.

Suitable for use on ceilings, walls and even for cladding furniture, let the beauty of PLAANK wall panelling inspire your next interior!


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