The Environment matters to PLAANK!

The Environment matters to PLAANK!

Environment and Sustainability

These days it may sound cliche to say PLAANK cares about the environment but through the research and sourcing stages it was the environment and sustainability that was the first box that had to be ticked when choosing partners.

In a time when being green is crucially important to the world we live in, PLAANK sourced its products from only the most environmentally friendly of places and it was through this that they were pleased to launch some of the only FSC Reclaimed Wood on the market.

If you are using wood in an interior project then it is important to see whether that wood is FSC or not as you then know it is sourced from a sustainable origin. With so much illegal logging going on in the world its nice to know that your wood was sourced in a environmentally responsible way.

All of PLAANKs products have been chosen with care to make sure that all of their wood has been recycled so that when applying the beautiful finishes to your walls you know that you are doing so in an environmentally friendly way.

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