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Need Help? Call 01525 218900
Timberstik – our latest collection and super quick to install…

Timberstik – our latest collection and super quick to install…

Like so many of us, time is always of the essence, especially when it comes to redecorating. Whilst we long to update a wall or room in our homes, it’s allocating the time to undertake such tasks that’s the problem! Finding enough hours in the day to dedicate to doing some DIY is only the beginning.

There’s the prepping before starting the job to consider… Whether it’s the filling of the walls prior to decoration, the priming and painting of woodwork, or even just the emptying of the room before you commence the work, it all takes time. All too often, by the time the necessary preparation is done, the enthusiasm for the task in hand is waning fast.

If this sounds all too familiar, consider Timberstik?

Like all PLAANK ranges, Timberstik requires no preparation, prior to installation. All the panels have been finished to ensure optimum consistency in terms of their levels of quality, patina and colour.

And unlike so many other wallcovering options, all PLAANK ranges can be applied directly to the wall or walls, without the need for filling any hairline cracks or dents on the surface.

That said, Timberstik differs from all other PLAANK ranges, as it doesn’t require a separate adhesive. Simply put, it is ‘pre-glued’.

Each panel is supplied with a pre-applied adhesive strip, which in turn makes the application process so much quicker. You simply peel away the backing strip and stick each panel to the interior wall.

Our Timberstik panels are supplied in fixed lengths of 1220mm, which can be cut down on site as necessary.

With six colours to choose from, including ‘White Washed’, ‘Chestnut Brown’ and three grey options, there’s something to suit everyone’s walls...

And for those that dare to be different, there’s always ‘Harlequin’.

Featuring an eclectic mix of random wood grains, aged patinas and differing hues, this colourway is full of fun.

Whichever colourway you choose, simply allocate a few spare hours and quickly transform a wall in your home with Timberstik.

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