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Wall panelling – a fabulous addition in any bathroom!

Wall panelling – a fabulous addition in any bathroom!

Wooden wall panelling can transform any wall or entire room in your home.

Available in a choice of colours and finishes, not only does it offer a stylish wallcovering solution, but it can hide a multitude of imperfections on a walls’ surface. Rather than spending an inordinate amount of time filling hairline cracks or sanding the surface before any decorating can commence, wooden wall panels can be applied directly to the wall, with very little preparation.

The benefit of wooden wall panelling doesn’t just stop there! Being made of timber, its properties also include insulation, so it can act as a heat or sound barrier, keeping noise levels contained to a minimum whilst retaining an amount of heat.

Whilst some people might be skeptical as to its suitability in a bathroom, as it is not waterproof, and is therefore unsuitable as a direct replacement for tiling, as long as there is no direct water contact, its properties make it ideal in a bathroom or en-suite too!

Crisp white sanitaryware looks fabulous when used in conjunction with Red Rock Grey. A mix of neutrals and brown tones, this sophisticated finish from our Reclaimed range is sure to transform even the smallest of spaces.

Rather than simply applying to a wall, why not give outdated bathroom units a makeover with fresh Culebra Peak White? Easy to apply, the panelling can clad the surface of the furniture and even a bath side panel, as long as the original units are sound and of a suitable material.

Equally a feature panel in a bathroom or shower room can create a focal point in an otherwise predominantly ‘all-white’ room, adding both texture and interest.

Alternatively, opting to clad the ceiling in wooden wall panelling is another way to add visual interest.

If you’re after a bathroom with a nautical theme, consider Bijou Creek Blue? The eclectic combination of sea-side shades make it both visually interesting and provide a platform of colours from which to accesorise with.

With nearly 30 finishes to choose from, whatever your taste or style, transform your bathroom with PLAANK.

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