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Wall panelling has insulating properties too…

Wall panelling has insulating properties too…

It might seem slightly strange to be thinking about insulating properties in the Summer and even more so with this heatwave that we are currently having in the UK.

However, good insulation isn’t just about keeping the heat in in colder temperatures – it’s about deflecting heat to keep internal spaces cooler in the warmer weather too.

Our wall panels, which are primarily used to clad walls in either a domestic or commercial environment can also be used on the ceiling too, and with spectacular results.

And the insulating properties don’t just stop with the thermal aspect – noise levels can also be reduced. So if you’re living in a flat or apartment with other properties above yours, cladding your ceiling with wood wall panels will certainly help to reduce the travelling sounds that you might be currently experiencing.

Equally, a responsible landlord might consider cladding the ceiling of a commercial business such as a noisy bar or busy restaurant, if tenants live in the property above...

Fixing wall panels to the ceiling is done in much the same was as it is on the walls. Ensure that the first panel you fix runs parallel to the wall and attach using a suitable adhesive along with screws to hold it in place. Once an entire length is fixed, move on to the next row, remembering to stagger the joins. That’s the beauty of PLAANK, each of our ranges has been designed so that the tessellation of the repeat is virtually impossible to see.

There’s no better time than now to start planning ahead – either to clad your ceiling with wooden wall panels to insulate them or to deflect the heat. Our sampling service will ensure that you are totally happy with the finish and quality of our products before you commit to buying.

After all, can you really face another cold office this Winter or an uncomfortably warm bedroom next Summer?

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