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‘Want to spice up your bedroom’?

‘Want to spice up your bedroom’?

Long gone are the days when bedrooms featured pink or yellow floral chintz curtains, with matching wallpaper. In fact, for those that ‘dared’ to be different the solution was to choose a dado border and co-ordinating wallpaper, so that the top and bottom papers complemented each other…

Sounds familiar?

Bedrooms then found themselves decorated in any shade of beige. The theory behind having a neutral bedroom is to create a calming environment, a perfect backdrop to unwind and relax in, thus resulting in a good nights sleep!

This ethos behind the neutral colour palette is definitely true, but all too often a beige bedroom can look cold and drab and even a bit clinical, especially if you’re a lover of crisp white bedlinen.

If you can relate to this and want to ‘spice up your bedroom’ consider accessorizing with fluffy cushions and a deep pile rug… Imagine getting out of bed and the first thing your feet feel is a luxuriously soft floor?

These simple accessories will certainly soften a boring looking bed, but fundamentally it’s the walls in your bedroom that will need spicing up!

What could be a better than to introduce wall panelling into your bedroom? Beautiful and tactile, wood is not only warm to the touch, but its charm is definitely its grain. 

Consider only panelling the wall on which your bedhead sits against to further draw the eye towards the bed itself. And if you like to read in bed and haven’t got enough electricity sockets to have a bedside lamp, additional wall lighting can be easily installed… all the ugly wires can be cleverly concealed behind the wooden wall panels.

Deciding on which way to fit the wall panels can affect the way to perceive the size of the room. A narrow bedroom can appear wider if the panels are fitted horizontally and likewise, a bedroom with a low ceiling will appear taller if the planks are installed vertically!

And whilst here at PLAANK we have a vast selection of detailed designs, especially in our 3D range, a feature wall in a chevron design can be easily achieved by using any of our planks. 

And don’t think you can’t have wall panelling with a pitched roof! If you’re after country charm style, it could be the ideal solution for your bedroom.

If minimal is your style, rather than panelling the whole wall, why not consider panelling simply a section of the wall or even just making your bedhead out of some.

The possibilities of wood wall panelling are endless – why not make it your New Years resolution and spice up your bedroom in January?

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