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What do PLAANK and Chocolate have in common?

What do PLAANK and Chocolate have in common?

Today is a special day for all you chocolate cake lovers out there… today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Whether you’re a fan of white, milk or dark chocolate, we all have our favourites!

Here at PLAANK we are especially fond of a specific brand of chocolate, which originated in Sweden. Covered in milk chocolate and with a crunchy almond caramel centre, it was originally launched in the 1950’s by Marabou.

Have you worked out the common link yet between PLAANK and the chocolate bar? Originally Dime here in the UK, it has adopted its European spelling of Daim, which just so happens to be the same name as one of our stunning, architectural wall panels!

Daim wall paneling from our 3D collection offers soft convex curves to delight the eye. Each wooden section is rotated to give an almost chequerboard effect, perfect to create a feature wall in any domestic or commercial interior.

You could of course create a 3D effect using slim planks, but why would you take on a project of this magnitude, when here at PLAANK we have done the hard work for you?

The decadent Daim 3D panels would look amazing in any room, and would be a real talking point in any dining room, especially when it comes to the pudding course!

And if you want to create a statement front room or dining room, why not complement your feature Daim wall panels with a bold accent colour such as post box red?

Alternatively, a sumptuous bedroom can be given the five star treatment with rich chocolate walls and soft mood lighting.

Seeing is believing - you can be sure that anyone who sees your Daim feature wall will be in awe of its architectural structure…

A true head turner, order your sample today!

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