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Who doesn’t like a neutral interior?

Who doesn’t like a neutral interior?

Some of us love being surrounded in colour, be it a feature wall decorated in a vibrant hue or as an accent colour, where carefully placed objects add bursts of saturated tones, but often the allure of a carefully planned neutral interior is the one we all aspire to.

Neutral interiors are somewhat dreamy, almost idealistic. Very pleasing to the eye, a neutral interior and especially a neutral lounge or living area reminds us of the appeal that a showhome has! The orderly and often minimal interior spaces tempt us into believing that we too could achieve that tranquil environment, where everything cohesively co-ordinates.

However, without an abundance of tactile elements, neutral interiors can look somewhat plain and lack character. How you choose to decorate your walls is key to the success of achieving a neutral interior.

Opt for a painted wall and there is a danger that your new room will look too clinical or boring, unless of course the room is already home to many architectural features or you plan to make it become a focal point with a selection of framed images. The benefits of a painted wall are that it is easy to wipe over and re-touch if necessary, but often a re-painted spot can look more obvious than the area it was trying to disguise.

Wallpapering will certainly add decoration into your room, but once knocked, repairing wallpaper is virtually impossible.

With many patterned tiles around, a fully tiled wall might be the frequent choice for homes where the climate is warmer, but unless you’re fitting tiles in a bathroom, tiles as a feature wall here in the UK will tend to be cold.

A brick wall, whether sealed or over painted will definitely add texture into your room, but even with the most careful finishing, this type of wall tends to be very dusty. It’s certainly a great backdrop for al fresco dining, but best kept outside.

This is when wooden wall paneling comes into its own!

As each plank is unique, so too will any wall decorated in wooden wall panelling. Alongside introducing texture into your room, wooden wall panelling with add both character and colour. At PLAANK, we have a diverse selection of neutral coloured wood panelling.

From the cooler, pale grey tones to the warmer neutral highlights, Culebra Peak White is the perfect choice for any neutral interior.

And if you prefer to create more of a statement with slightly more intense tones, then Rocky Mountain Grey would be ideal.

Seeing is believing, and here at PLAANK we offer a sampling service so that you can be sure to choose the right finish for your new neutral interior.

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