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Why is PLAANK's Reclaimed Wood the designers choice for Reclaimed?

Why is PLAANK's Reclaimed Wood the designers choice for Reclaimed?

Unique and Revolutionary

PLAANK prides itself in being a unique and revolutionary wood product. Much research has gone into sourcing the correct wood that not only is sustainable but also provides the end user with the best possible material for application and a product that will last for decades. 

So what really does make PLAANK different to all the other reclaimed woods on the market?

Its FSC Certified

Probably the most important factor with wood these days is does it have an FSC Certification and PLAANK's reclaimed finishes are all 100% FSC Certified meaning that they come from a sustainable source and are a sustainable wood throughout.

Its 100% Reclaimed Wood

PLAANK boards are nothing but reclaimed wood. No substrate is applied or no other mix of an unsustainable wood is added. When you put a PLAANK reclaimed panel up you truly are adding a beautiful yet completely environmentally friendly product to your space.

Its Toxin Free

Many reclaimed products these days are so called barnwood and whilst they may have a decorative finish, there is no guarantee what has gone on in that barn overtime or what has been stored in it. There have been instances of these types of wood "off-gassing" in peoples homes. PLAANK's wood is only ever sourced from areas where the wood has never been exposed to any types of toxins or gases and has only ever been weathered by the natural elements.

PLAANK Panels are Consistently Inconsistent

The beauty of reclaimed wood is its variety in colour and grain and whilst this is the case with PLAANK products, no other 100% reclaimed board can boast that if you were to order a pack now and another in 10 years time, that they would look very much the same in appearance.

This is due to the products coming from an ongoing ageing process, in the same fields, the same weather conditions and for the same amount of time. Other reclaimed boards may come from a barn or shed that when used, its used! That wood would then not be able to be repeated as another barn or shed would have stood for a different amount of time in a different area.

Its Moisture Content is Incredibly Low

PLAANK's reclaimed panels when harvested have a moisture content of 4% to 6% which is a very good factor when coming to wood. The higher the moisture content, the more chance of movement in the wood. This means that PLAANK panels are one of the soundest on the market with the least likelihood of curving or buckling when applied to a wall.

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