Will our Reclaimed range be your product of choice?

Will our Reclaimed range be your product of choice?

Wall cladding, and indeed ceiling cladding is very much on-trend at the moment.

Both architects and specifiers and indeed home owners too are choosing wall cladding as their preferred finish for many interior applications.

Reminiscent of the iconic era of the ‘70’s when wall cladding was all the rage, wall paneling has seen a massive revival over recent years.

It’s true to say that wall panelling ‘hides’ a multitude of sins, so if your walls are somewhat in need of repair, it could be the ideal solution to disguise the cracks! 

In general however, it’s being used as the product of choice in many homes or businesses with perfectly plastered walls... you could say it’s the wallcovering of this decade?

Installed in many eateries and bars, it’s the ideal solution where there is a lot of flow of ‘people’ traffic as it is incredibly resilient to scuffs and knocks – in fact, you could argue that the odd dent or scratch simply adds to the charm and authenticity of the wall paneling, especially when panelling from our Reclaimed range is installed!

The dedicated homeowners amongst you may chose to source your wall panelling from the likes of reclamation yards, but given that PLAANK products can be applied straight from the box to the wall, wouldn’t you prefer to use this extra time to relax and admire your stunning new interior?

But don’t just take our word for it! 

Leading industry experts such as Hayley Gilbert, a freelance writer with over 20 years experience in the world of interiors advocates PLAANK too!

In fact, it was one of her products of choice in the news section of the February 2018 issue of Studio magazine. This title, along with a select few others, including Utopia Kitchens & Bathrooms magazine are the go to source for many home owners and architects alike.

As Hayley states “PLAANK’s Reclaimed range is made from 100% natural reclaimed wood, which is also FSC certified. And unlike other offerings from reclamation yards, PLAANK products can be applied straight from the box”.

Request your sample today from PLAANK and make our Reclaimed range your product of choice too!

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