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Wooden wall panelling – the ideal choice for a commercial interior

Wooden wall panelling – the ideal choice for a commercial interior

It’s true, wooden wall panelling is a very versatile product and is suitable for use in every room in your home, but a product that’s suitable for a domestic interior isn’t always suitable for a commercial application.

Unlike so many products on the market, PLAANK wall panelling is ideally suited for use in a commercial space. The reasons why are endless, so we’ve detailed just a few!

  • Architecturally interesting

There aren’t many wallcovering products that offer so much texture and appeal for a wall’s surface.

As well as being the perfect option to create a focal point or feature wall within a commercial interior, wooden wall panelling also adds a tactile element to the face of the wall, making it visually interesting indeed.

  • Durable

The surface of wooden wall panelling is extremely hardwearing, making it a perfect solution where traffic flow is heavy. The walls of a bar, bistro or restaurant, where footfall is continuous, can easily get damaged. Odd scuffs or knocks in paintwork, or worst still, damage to the face of a wallpaper pattern can make even a recently decorated establishment look tired and unkempt very quickly!

Wooden wall panelling, and in particular, choosing a finish such as one from our Reclaimed range will ensure that any knocks and surface scratches will be virtually indistinguishable.

  • Sound insulation

The properties of wooden wall panelling mean that it’s a great way of reducing noise pollution from room to room. Not only does wooden wall panelling look fabulous when applied to a ceiling, but it will also act as a sound barrier.

This is a great solution if your commercial premises has a rented flat above it, especially if your potential tenants err on the cautious side regarding the business usage below.

  • Thermal properties

Much like the noise insulating properties, the same rules apply from a thermal perspective. Wooden wall panelling will retain heat in the colder months whilst repelling the warmth in hotter temperatures.

With so many more reasons to choose PLAANK wall panelling, not forgetting the diverse selection of finishes, we think that you’d be hard pushed to find a product that’s so perfect for your commercial interior walls!

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