What is PLAANK

PLAANK products are decorative wood panels sourced from around the world. Coming from either reclaimed wood or especially designed finishes, PLAANK will bring nature and design to any space.

What sizes are available?

PLAANK comes in packs of 20 square feet (1.86m2)

What is the thickness of the products?

PLAANK comes in three thicknesses of 1/4” (4mm), 1/8” (8mm) and 3/8" (10mm).

Where can I use PLAANK?

PLAANK can be used for any commercial or residential project including for doors and ceilings. Whether it be used on wide scale projects or feature walls, PLAANK has been designed to transform any interior space.

How can I apply PLAANK?

PLAANK comes with two choices, the thinner peel and stick backing option or the thicker option which will require using the recommended glue. See the how to guide for more information on this.

How old is the reclaimed wood?

The average age of the wood we reclaim is about 15 years.

How straight is the wood?

PLAANK prides itself on having some of the very best reclaimed wood on the market however with wood being wood there may be the odd chance of bowing but as long as you follow our how to guide then this is not a problem.

What kind of milling options do you offer?

For bespoke projects we offer the following in-house milling options: tongue and groove, shiplap, bevel lap, resawn, straight edging, planing to consistent thickness, and skip planing.

How long will it stick?

The specialist tape we use has a 10 year guarantee.

Has the wood been treated?

The reclaimed PLAANKS have been treated to fit with EU laws and a phytosanitary is included in the box.

Can I specify a colour range for the wood?

Unfortunately, with reclaimed wood, we don’t have any control over the colour of wood we reclaim from week to week. The colours will vary very slightly with each batch but the wood has been carefully chosen to make sure that when applied a consistent inconsistency shows through.

With the design series, bespoke designs, colours and patterns can be created so please get in touch for more information.

Will the colour of the wood change or vary over time?

With wood being wood the patina may continue to change slightly over time.

What species of wood do you use?

Our wood is a mix of Pine, Fir and Oak

What kind of surface can it be applied to?

With the self adhesive option it is important to make sure that you are applying the product to a smooth as possible surface. The thicker product that will need a separate glue will be able to stick to a surface with a slight texture but we do recommend that the surface is smooth as this will give you the best outcome.

What if the application area is exposed to moisture?

We do not recommend any of the PLAANK products in an area exposed to moisture as cupping and movement will occur.

What if the application area is exposed to heat or fire?

If the area is exposed to heat then the panels will be fine but if exposed to fire then the panels will certainly not be able to be used.

Will the PLAANK work outside?

All PLAANK products are designed for interior use.

How do I keep my PLAANKS clean?

A vacuum, duster or moist cloth will be more than enough to keep your PLAANK clean.

Is there a discount for trade?

There are certainly discounts for trade and larger quantity purchases. Please get in touch for more information.