Piz Bernina Pine Sample

The Reclaimed Range

Sourced from the highest peaks and deepest depths of Europe, the reclaimed range brings the true vintage experience to any project.

Created by mother’s natures hottest summers and coldest winters, the reclaimed PLAANK truly defines the weathers natural ageing process.

Piz Bernina Pine

PLAANK's reclaimed Piz Bernina Pine is the ultimate wood finish when wanting to bring the antique look to your space. Sustainability sourced from within Europe the Golden Pine is centuries old meaning not only is the warmth from it being given off in the room but also the authenticity and history than the wood has gathered over the years.

Sample Information

  • Sample measures 8" x 5" ( 20cm x 12.7cm ).
  • Due to the nature of the product, samples will vary in colour and grain.
  • Please be aware that the normal PLAANK panels go through a different process to the samples so slight curving may be present in the sample boards but this will not be the case with the standard panels.

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