Red Rock Grey Sample

The Reclaimed Wood Wall Panel Range

Sourced from the highest peaks and lowest depths of North America, the ever popular reclaimed wooden wall panel range brings a true vintage experience to any project.

Created by Mother Nature's hottest summers and coldest winters, the reclaimed wood wall panels truly accentuate the weathers natural ageing process.

Red Rock Grey

Red Rock Grey has the perfect blend of the reclaimed Grey and lighter Reddish tones bringing a more vibrant look to the usual Reclaimed colour tones. Sourced from the mountains of Northern America the Red Rock Grey planks are a brilliant way of adding warmth to a space whilst keeping the rustic feel.

Sample Information

  • Sample measures 8" x 5" ( 20cm x 12.7cm ).
  • Due to the nature of the product, samples will vary in colour and grain.

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