Stader 3D Panel Sample


The PLAANK 3D Range

Sourced from the depths of Eastern Europe, The PLAANK 3D range is hand crafted from reclaimed wood that is centuries old. Nothing is more important to PLAANK than offering a product that is both highly decorative but completely sustainable. This is why the 3D panels are absolutely perfect as each plank is hand chosen and created in such a way to follow the latest trends whilst only using the most ecologically clean and environmentally friendly wood sources.


Stader's cascading stair layout makes it one of the most textured and compelling 3D wall panels that PLAANK offers. Its structure makes it impossible not to investigate which is perfect if trying to bring a feature to your room or space.

Sample Information

  • Sample panel measures 240mm x 100mm.
  • Due to the nature of the product, samples will vary in colour and grain.

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